Welcome to the Cather Family Home
Come Visit and Stay with us!
541 N Seward Street - Red Cloud, NE 68970 
(402) 746-2599

  Have you ever wanted to experience a setting, or relive an adventure that you read about in a book? Cather's Retreat is giving you that opportunity. The beautiful and historic house that Willa Cather came to for renewal and inspiration is open for your vacation pleasure. The Cather Family always had Willa's room ready for her. It and the other guest rooms are now available for your visit.

Cather's Retreat is set in the peaceful small town of Red Cloud, Nebraska. The Queen Anne Victorian style house is on a large lot with tall shade trees and blooming flowers. The house and many other landmarks are described in Willa Cather's writings. In Red Cloud, see the recently restored Opera House, where as a child, Cather loved to watch productions and to perform herself.

You can see the old brick paved streets, the distinctive bank building, and the street corners where characters in her books had stopped to chat or do some business. Drive out into the countryside and see the expansive prairie, which was not only the setting for many of her stories, but also an overwhelming force in them. Visit the childhood home of Willa Cather (now preserved as a museum). Be sure to see her attic room there. See the small church where Antonia (of My Antonia) was married. Visit the cemetery and see where some of the people in her stories were buried. Red Cloud was named after the famous Lakota Sioux leader, Chief Red Cloud, whose people lived in and around the area not long before the Cathers settled there. That history opens up a whole other arena for visitors to learn and imagine about. There is much to do and see in Red Cloud, Nebraska.   

Come stay at our bed and breakfast and live how Willa Cather once wrote about and lived herself.